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Welcome to the future of cinema staff scheduling.

A world first from Vista Cinema, MovieTeam is an elegantly simple, cloud-based application that takes the guesswork out of scheduling.

Corporate Managers set the parameters

HQ gains total visibility; they set and monitor compliance policies across all cinemas taking into account site variations. Configure alerts, ensuring management stays in control and under budget.

Theatre Managers create the schedule

Make scheduling decisions based on critical theatre information, including; show times, seasonal demands, movie popularity, staff skills and availability. Movieteam optimizes every schedule.

Staff get the flexibility

Give the team schedules that work with their lifestyle via mobile, desktop, or even a printout. Staff can offer up or trade shifts using the marketplace which managers can approve in one easy step.

MovieTeam is enhanced with the following features when integrated with your Point of Sale, including Vista

Create schedules based on ticket sales & film schedule
Maintain employee data in one location
Dynamic corporate control over scheduling
View hours worked, overtime and labor costs

Make staff scheduling simple.